Spring Break Road Trip - Cheap Spring Break Ideas That Every College Student Enjoys

By Carolyn Murphy

If you have planned out your entire Spring Break road trip - cheap Spring Break ideas are what you still need to find. All of your transportation needs are taken care of, and you know that you are going to party like crazy on your Spring Break, but you may still be wondering what else is available to you when you are actually at your Spring Break destination. You are probably also wondering how you are going to afford what you want to do with the budget you are working with. Don't worry though, because there are many ways for you and your friends to make the most of your vacation.

Sure, drinking until you don't remember your name is always a great start, but what are you going to do when you realize that you have been in bars for two days straight and you are wondering what the outside world looks like? You need plans, and you need cheap plans at that. The easiest way to create a cheap plan is by discovering what is possible in the area you are travelling to. Then, once you know what is available in the area you are interested in, you are ready to choose the perfect activity that matches your preferences and your budget.

If you are going to Panama City Beach, Florida, one very easy idea you can take advantage of for free are the amazing beaches. If you don't spend time relaxing on these world class beaches, you will be missing out on some of the very best beaches in the world. There are ways you can enhance your beach experience even further though, if you are interested in more adventure than a pleasant recovery from a hangover.

If you are looking for something that is slightly more active, you can always try out the amazing snorkeling in the area. If you want to do something that doesn't require that you get so wet, you can always rent a kayak. Both of these options are very cheap ways to spend your time while vacationing here. Some people also like to rent jet skis here. If you and a couple of friends want to put your funds together, you can always rent a jet ski at a reasonable rate per person.

If you are partying at Daytona Beach, Florida, you will likely want to take advantage of all of these activities to make the most of your Spring Break vacation, but you should also check out some of the concerts in the area to maximize the amount of fun you have on your trip. Another great option for party lovers are the nonstop beach parties that let you drink right on the beach. When you can keep the party going, even when you are on the beach, it is easy to always have fun in Daytona.

If you have chosen South Padre Beach, Texas as your vacation destination, you too are probably wondering what options are available to you if you are on a budget. One amazing idea is a quick trip into Mexico, because the Mexican border is only 5 miles away. This can be a great way to spend an entire day on a vacation away from your vacation.

If you want to create an expedition on the island instead, you can always rent scooters to enjoy a day of excitement. When you rent a scooter, you don't have to spend too much money, but you get a great amount of fun for your money.

No matter where you choose to enjoy your amazing Spring Break road trip - cheap spring break ideas are always in abundance. The trick to finding a ton of things to do that fit your budget is done by thinking about what you can do in the area. If you can do something, like snorkeling or kayaking where you are, it is likely that there is someone supplying the necessary equipment to make it possible for you. Once you know exactly what you can do, and what you and your friends like to do, you can easily choose the best options that fit your budget. - 30785

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Tips For Planning Your Spring Break Beach Trip

By Charles Leach

Spring break is the time of year to let lose and have a great time. That does not mean that you have to go crazy like we see on television where everyone is flashing the cameras and getting wasted. You can have a great spring break beach vacation without being so drunk you can barely remember how you got back to your hotel. The first thing to consider when planning your spring break beach vacation is of course money.

Traveling for spring break can be expensive especially if you are taking a trip to Punta Cana or Cancun. Everyone wants to visit Cancun or Punta Cana during spring break but it is much more expensive that vacationing in Panama City. Cancun is where everyone wants to be.

Start booking your vacation after you decide where you will be going. If you are flying to Punta Cana or Cancun it is important to book in advance to save money. It is cheaper to book anything in advance. Flights or even hotels should always be booked well in advance to save money.

Once you decide whether you will drive or fly you then have to determine how you plan to get around while on vacation. If you drive to your vacation destination you still should plan another means of transportation while there because you will likely be drinking while on vacation.

Leave the car keys in the room because it is important for you to be safe. A cheap way to travel is by cab while vacationing so that you can be safe. Add in extra money for cab fare when planning your vacation. You also have to find a condo or hotel to stay at while vacationing.

While vacationing at the beach a condo is a great place to stay. You can find two and three bedroom condos for very affordable prices. If you are vacationing with friends it is a great idea to split the cost so that everyone can have a cheaper and bigger place to stay than a hotel room.

After you have booked your accommodations for the vacation it is time to plan out how you will spend your vacation. There are gorgeous beaches in Cancun Mexico. Panama City Beach Florida has some of the best shopping around. No matter where you go, there will be plenty to keep you busy. - 30785

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Cancun Spring Break Travel Packages Offer The Best Rates

By Sarah Ruiz

Do you want to join the insane Cancun Spring Break parties that take place every year? If you do, then you should learn about all of the amazing deals and offers that are available to anyone who wishes to party their pants off during Spring Break. There are many special packages designed for anyone who wants to combine their transportation and hotels in order to attain deep travel discounts.

There are many travel companies that supply great packages to handle all of the needs of their customers, including modes of transport, hotels, club access, drinks, and even food. If you can purchase packages, you may find that you can save hundreds of dollars on your vacation.

Many companies combine all of the different aspects of the Cancun experience into one package to reduce the costs of their services. Most of these companies are also servicing a large volume of people, so the inclusion of many other people buying the same packages reduces the costs associated with your trip even further.

To find the best deals you can for your Cancun vacation, you should certainly consider at least combining your mode of transportation with your hotel purchase. There is a wide variety of ways you can reach Cancun too. You can fly straight there if you want to get your party on right away, or you can take a party cruise to start enjoying your Spring Break as soon as possible. Cruises are a great way to travel to Cancun, because they are often a lot of fun for college Spring Breakers. Cruise environments are often very similar to what you will find in Cancun itself.

The idea behind package purchases is that they can be a great way for making a vacation affordable for anyone, no matter what their budget is. If you want to extend the discounts provided by your package, as well as the benefits, then you should consider an all inclusive deal. With one of these packages, you can even have your food and drinks included in the package with your hotels and flights. This can be a great way to have everything organized for you before you arrive, so you don't have to worry about any details when you are just trying to have fun in Cancun.

Do you want to experience more of what gorgeous Cancun has to offer beyond bars and clubs though? If you do, then you should check out packages that include activities like golfing, snorkeling, yachting, wind surfing, and other incredible activities that can make your trip so much better. There are many things you can do when you visit this beautiful area, and if you can get the extra adventures added into a package, you can probably get all of your activities for a very good price.

Spring Break in Cancun is one of the best destinations at this time of year, because you are going to be with 300,000 college students coming from all over the United States. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a part of the largest party in the world during Spring Break.

If you want to have one of the best Spring Break vacations ever, then you should also make sure that the package you choose includes access to special parties and clubs. If you do not have these in your travel package, you may face long lines at the hottest locations in Cancun. If you can find a package that includes instant access to these hot spots, you will certainly have one of the most enjoyable experiences possible during your Spring Break vacation. - 30785

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Mtv Spring Break Fun In Acapulco Mexico In 2010

By Sarah Ruiz

With past locations being Panama City Beach in Florida and Cancun, Mexico, MTV Spring Break is always at the hottest spot for fun. Every year they bring their camera crews to an exotic location during Spring Break and film on location. This year, in 2010 they will be filming in Acapulco, Mexico. This is a fun time, even if you are just watching for the couch in your living room.

If you have never watch MTV during spring break then you are missing a lot of fun. There are great bands in concerts, lots of dancing and crazy contests. MTV brings fun and excitement each year to their spring break events that are on location.

Young people from all over the world travel for this event. There are many hotels around the area to stay at during the week but if you are considering attending you must call in advance to reserve a room. Rooms always book fast and are not easy to get. If you cannot make it, though, you can watch the fun from home.

The Playa Suites hotel is where MTV will be staying. This is located on the north side of the beach. The beach is very stretched out with many hotels, though, so there will be a lot of fun all over the beach during the week.

For more fun, students can attend some scheduled concerts that many hotels are sponsoring and also there will be daylong pool parties. Since the average temperature during this period will be between 70 and 85 degrees, this is perfect weather for fun in the sun.

With thousands of college students that are anticipated on attending this year, MTV will have a lot of activities going on around the clock. There are a few things to consider when you get down there, though. Be sure to only drink bottled water since many get ill from the local water and sometimes even the food. Just be careful what you drink and what you eat. You do not want to end up feeling miserable all week while you are there. Many people end up with stomach issues that just will not go away. It is just not worth the risk.

There are also very fun nightclubs in Acapulco that will be open around the clock as long as there are customers willing to be there. It is truly a party. One of the most popular night clubs is called the Palladium and it overlooks the Acapulco bay area.

With so many things to do during Spring Break you will be sure to have a great time. If you want a great room be sure to call ahead before the rooms all get booked up. Find the perfect spot to spend the week while MTV films all of the fun that you will be having. 2010 is sure to be a great year for Spring Break. - 30785

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Some Simple Tips To Locate The Best Student Discount Flights

By Caiden Fischer

The perfect time to fly to a great location is during a break in school. You need to get away and enjoy some time exploring a foreign country or exotic location. Getting the best student discount flights to make the trip easy and cheap will be easy if you follow a few simple steps. Having more money to spend when you land will make your trip a lot more fun.

There are student discount clubs that you can join for a fee. The costs for these clubs is different and some offer entire vacation packages for a discount. You'll want to compare the costs of these kinds of clubs and making the reservations yourself before you commit to a travel agency.

Calling each of the airlines is the first step to getting your own student discount flight. Each airline has different policies and discounts for flights so you will need to call each airline going to the destination you have picked. When you call, be sure to tell the ticket agent that you are looking for student discounts. There are a lot of screens used by ticket agents and if you wait to tell then that you are a student it will take some time for the agent to get back to the right screen.

Airlines allot certain numbers of seats for different kinds of discounts and rebates. There will only be a certain number of student discount flights available for the trip you are taking. The way to be sure that you get the best student discount will be to call early and make your reservation. By making the reservation early you will save money on the price of the ticket and you will have a secured seat. Airlines make reservations from three to six months before a flight. You will save a lot of money when you make an early reservation.

Be sure to talk to the representative about the rates for flying at different times. Usually if you fly during off-hours, you can get a great discount on the flight, plus your student discount. This can make going to the airport at 2am well worth the savings you will see. There are also cheaper rates if you fly on a weekday. If you are making a round trip reservation, you will save money by flying between Tuesday and Thursday. These are the days when fewer flights are filled up and there are discounts.

Rates for tickets change on Wednesday nights. When you are planning your trip, make your reservation early in the week. When there is a change in oil prices, the cost of tickets can go up significantly on a Wednesday night. By making your reservation early and at the cheapest price, you can avoid this price changes for your trip.

When you think you may need to change the reservation, you can get unlimited changes with some airlines for a fee. Ask about the "change" fee whenever you think you might need to change the reservation. But, be prepared to pay more for the ticket when you change the reservation because the rates will have gone up since the time you made the reservation.

You will need your current student ID and will probably be asked to fax it to the airline to get the discount for your ticket. In order to get the best student discount flights, start early and make all of your reservations ahead of time so that you will have a smooth and easy flight and accommodations when you arrive. - 30785

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Thailand: My First Night in Pattaya

By Owen Jones

It was seven-ish and I was sitting in a nice-enough room overlooking the front doorway to the pub above which I had just moved in. The pub was the Pig and Whistle on Soi 7 in Pattaya. Across the way was a large hole, which they were hoping to build a hotel in and next door to that, right opposite me, was a small bar with one woman sitting on a stool outside it. Not that there was a wall there, it was open on two sides. The Soi was lovely and quiet, I thought. I also thought that I might go and sit in that little bar and talk to that woman, if my friend was late, because I would surely see him arrive from two metres away, the width of the Soi.

So, I went to the bar in the pub at 19:15 to await my friend who said he would meet me at 20:00. It was much busier than thirty minutes earlier but not noisy and I sat at the bar. The first thing a barmaid did was say hello, give me a menu and step back. I did not really want to eat, I only wanted a beer as I presumed we would be dining together later, but I wanted to read the menu anyway.

'A pint of Boddington's', I said. It arrived and the girl began laying a place for me. I tried to explain that I was not hungry, but it was no good. Like in Spain, most people eat and drink at the same time. All the while the girl was smiling at me. Then she said: 'You have room upstairs? My name Charli. What you want to eat?'. So, I gave in and ordered something and rice.

'You first time in Thailand? You no can eat. Too spicy', she said with a grin. 'Oh', I replied, 'but I want to try. 'I put only 50-50 for you', she declared and went.

I battled my way through that meal and it took a Boddingtons and a bottle of water. Charli had been right, it was too hot for first-time foreign visitors and she had reduced the chilis by 50%. I have always heeded a Thai's counsel on food ever since.

I moved to by the window to see what was going on as it was dark by 19:30 and I was curious. Within thirty minutes Soi 7 had changed totally. I could see hundreds of ladies and tourists walking about. I wanted to go out and join in or at least sit in the quiet bar across the lane, but I'm embarrassed to say that I was too scared, so I sat put, rivetted to the Pig like a rabbit in a hunter's beam.

My friend arrived on time and after we had been chatting for an hour, he said: 'Drink up, I have someone I want you to meet'. This was it, we were going into that mele. A waitress held the door for us and the noise and the heat were tremendous. Especially the noise. Every metre at least two or three girls would yell: 'Hello, sexy man, you want a drink'. Trying to say no courteously to each call was impractical, so I just stuck close to my pal.

Luckily, we only had about fifty metres to stroll and we sat down in another bar. My friend said hello to several ladies and then said, this a girl I have been going out with for some time. I was astounded as I had never heard him talk about her, ever. She was gorgeous, but could not speak English, so I sat in the din in silence. Not for long through, as my friend said, I have a blind date for you and he introduced another girl to me who was equally beautiful, but with whom I could speak a little. She was captivating and I was captivated. The pandemonium seemed to pass away, but it was only because I was concentrating on my new friend. The four of us had the best time and the best food I had ever had in my forty-nine years of existence. - 30785

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Thailand - How I First Came Here

By Owen Jones

I first came to Thailand in 2004 and I arrived here more of less by accident. I had travelled a lot in Europe: Russia, Western Europe, Scandinavia, North Africa and north South America, but I had never got around to travelling to Asia.

One night, I was talking to a friend who had travelled extensively throughout the world and he was telling me about his favourite country, to where he had been returning year after year for fourteen years. Knowing the man's experience as a traveller, I was very taken aback to hear that he had been choosing to go to the same location in Asia for fourteen years.

I just had to ask him which part of huge Asia held such an enticement for him and he said Thailand. I knew practically nothing about Thailand, except that I had had a few meals at a near-by Thai restaurant over the years. I also knew from collecting stamps as a boy that it used to be called Siam. Anyway, my friend asked me if I'd like to go. I answered that I would 'one day' and meant it.

He surprised me by saying that he was going for a month soon and that I was welcome to go with him. I replied that I had a couple of jazz festivals to go to soon and maybe I would, if there was at least a month between them and if I could get a flight and if... I could hear myself putting him off, but I did not know why.

A number of hours later, I went home and being a keen Internet user, I checked out a bit about Thailand on the travel brochure sites. It looked truly fantastic. The prices were good too except for the flights. Hotels were cheap to reasonable and food and drinks prices were insignificant compared to where I lived. So, I checked the dates of the two Jazz festivals and they were thirty-three days apart. Now for the flight. I spent well into the next morning checking flights and discovered one for the day after the first festival leaving from our local airport. It was not the cheapest flight, but it gave me more time.

In an impulsive moment I booked it there and then online. I then found an inn with rooms to let online that my friend had said he went to on quiz evenings and guessed that they would be open by now serving breakfasts. I sent them an email and a response came back twenty minutes later. I had been lucky again. The boss was in the middle of checking yesterday's figures, when he saw my email come through. However, not sure of his Internet ability, he wanted me to phone him right away. I checked my watch, it was still 4AM so I phoned.

He accepted my booking on trust and so I did not have to make a deposit. I had heard about Thailand, made up my mind to go and booked the flight and room all within five hours and I could not wait for nine o'clock to come to notify my friend that I would be going too. - 30785

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